Located in Linnai Township, Yunlin County, Linnai Junior High School is a small, remote school with 6 classes and 154 students. In order to achieve the ideal goal of "diversified learning and appropriate talent", we have established diversified clubs in conjunction with the curriculum and have been able to obtain external resources to establish the Chinese music club, dance club, shooting club, wood ball club, kite club, and bocce ball club. They have also represented Yunlin County in national competitions and have won many awards. This not only broadens the students' learning horizons and improves their self-confidence, but also gains the recognition and approval of parents.

Our school actively promotes arts and culture clubs, such as the Chinese Music Club, Dance Club, and Kite Club, which not only cultivate students' ability to carry themselves, but also raise the overall cultural level of the school, change students' temperament, and cultivate good humanistic qualities and arts appreciation skills. Through the competitions, students can enhance their self-confidence and broaden their learning horizons.